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From product development to design to custom packaging, Bassé provides services for customers who want their own private label snacks. We guarantee quality and freshness every time, every product.


Design and artwork services for your private label snacks help boost brand recognition. Partner with our team of experts on everything from your logo to your packaging to create a product that no one else can duplicate.

We know the importance of having something to be proud of. That's why with our private label design services, we can work together to make sure each product is tailored to your needs. Our team will review every detail to ensure visibility and capture the attention of your consumers - from nuts, fruits, and seeds to specialty mix-ins. Let us help you get the most out of your private label project and produce something special that’s all yours.

Make Your Product Idea a Reality With One of the Best Private Label Snack Food Manufacturers As experienced private label snack food manufacturers, Food Summary can make your product idea a reality by helping you choose the ideal color palette, font, and imagery. As part of the process, we work with clients to ensure they get the healthy snacks they envision.

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Our custom packaging services are designed with your own vision and specifications in mind to create products that stand out. Packaged nuts, wholesale products, specialty mixes, and our complete private label collection are all available in a variety of sizes and weights. With our private label design services, you can elevate your brand to the next level with a unique product.

From pouches to jars to gift boxes, we can customize private label snack packaging to meet your specific needs. Whether you require bags, jars, gift boxes or more, we can meet your requirements. Contact us below for more information about our capabilities. All packaging is done at our state-of-the-art facility with the utmost care taken to maintain the highest standards of quality in every single product we make.


For our customers, Food Summary selects only the best products. In order to ensure that each nut, seed, and dried fruit piece is handled with care throughout the entire supply chain, we work with some of the best global suppliers available. Having worked with retail stores on private label products and design for over 30 years, we ensure the highest level of quality in everything that we do.

Our private label nuts and snacks are available at major grocery stores and retailers in many countries. We help grow your brand with nutritious, convenient products that lead the consumer snack trend.